A rare old fine violin by Mathias Albani ca.1660
ca. 1670

Origin: Bolzano

A very rare fine violin made by Mathias Albani ca. 1670. Mathias Albani considered to be a Tyrolean maker of Bolzano. We can see a solid link between this great master and best Cremonese makers of the period, like Amati family and Andrea Guarnerius. The similarities are in internal details of the work as well as a model, varnish composition, arching, placement of the pins and much more. This is a superb example of the maker's work in a remarkable condition. In addition, the sound of this instrument is on the level of the best Italian maker's of the period. This masterpiece is definitely a concert instrument of 1st class.

Measurements: Bolzano

Certificates: A.Gartsman violins

Price: on request

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