A fine German bow by Otto Hoyer, ca. 1920.
ca. 1920.

Origin: Germany.

A very fine German violin bow made by Otto Hoyer ca. 1920, branded on the stick above the frog with the maker's brand. After training with his father, Otto Hoyer went to Paris where he was working with E. Sartory between 1911 and 1913. This is a finest example that we have seen. The model of the head is inspired by the great Tourte. The stick is superb dark red brown pernambuco, strong, stable, easy to control with a powerful, rich tone and effortless handling. The length of the stick is 73.2 cm and the weight of the bow is 60 g. This bow is in perfect condition.

Measurements: Germany.

Certificates: A. Gartsman violins.

Price: on request.

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