A very fine French violin by Alexandre Delanoy, 1890.

Origin: Bordeaux, France.

A very fine French violin by Alexandre Delanoy in 1890, as indicated on the original label. A. Delanoy was a fine master who worked for several years with J.B. Vuillaume in Paris and later established in Bordeaux. Delanoy won a gold medal in Bordeaux Exhibition. This is particularly interesting instrument that combines broadness and power in excellent modeling with refines and elegance in edge work, inlaid purfling and wonderful scroll. The level of workmanship is impeccable and unpolished varnish has antiqued beautifully. This is a high class instrument in collectors state of preservation, suitable for a very demanding fine musician. The length over the back 35.9 cm.

Measurements: Bordeaux, France.

Certificates: A. Gartsman violins.

Price: on request.

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