A very fine French violin bow by Charles Claude Husson, ca. 1900.
ca. 1900.

Origin: Paris, France.

A very fine French violin bow made by Charles Claude Husson ca. 1900. Charles Husson was excellent bow maker who was working for J.B. Vuillaume and F.N. Voirin. This beautiful example made in the style of F.N. Voirin, also feels very similar to a highly appreciated and rare to find bold model of F.N. Voirin bows. This bow has a perfect combination of a wonderful tonal quality with a precise technical ability and effortless handling. The length of the stick is 72.7 cm and the weight of the bow is 60 g.

Measurements: Paris, France.

Certificates: J.F. Raffin, Le Canu, Bigot.

Price: on request.

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