A very fine French violin bow by F.N. Voirin, ca. 1880.
ca. 1880.

Origin: Paris, France.

A very fine French violin bow made by F.N. Voirin ca. 1880. The length of the stick is 72.9 cm and the weight of the bow is 59.5 g. The bow has a piece added to the head that is extending from the tip plate around 3.5 mm, also the thumb projection was adjusted to the player. Besides of the mentioned above restoration that does not effect performance, the bow is in excellent shape. This bow has all the quality that one would expect form a better example of the great French master, F.N. Voirin.

Measurements: Paris, France.

Certificates: J.F. Raffin, Le Canu, Bigot.

Price: on request.

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