A rare, very fine old German violin by Antonius Bachmann, Berlin, 1780.

Origin: Berlinh, Germany.

A rare, very fine old German violin made by Antonius Bachmann in Berlin in 1780, as indicated on the original label. This is superb instrument made on a fine Italian model, probably of G.B. Guadagnini. It is surprising and very interesting to discover a wonderful German instrument specially from that period that is made with general idea of old Italian instruments. This instrument has a beautiful workmanship, elegant outline and excellent arching. The tonal quality is of a first rank with intense, well projecting power and outstanding quality and brilliance. It is in a very good state of preservation. Highly recommended to a fine musician with a solo approach. The length over the back is 35 cm.

Measurements: Berlinh, Germany.

Certificates: A. Gartsman.

Price: on request.

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