A superb old German violin bow by Carl Heinrich Knopf ca.1865.
ca. 1865.

Origin: Germany.

A superb old German violin bow made by Carl Heinrich Knopf for Ludwig Christian August Bausch ca. 1865. Heinrich Knopf was one of the greatest German bow makers. He also made beautiful bows for Kittel and Bausch family. This is a beautiful example. The stick is dark red brown highly flamed pernambuco of superior choice. The frog and button are ebony with silver mountings. The length of the stick is 72.3 cm and the weight of the bow is 60 g. This is a wonderful playing bow in excellent state of preservation, very similar to bows made by this master for Kittel, suitable and recommended to a soloist.

Measurements: Germany.

Certificates: A. Gartsman.

Price: on request.

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