A superb old German violin bow by L. Bausch ca.1855, rare Eury model,
ca. 1855.

Origin: Leipzig, Germany.

A superb old German violin bow made by Ludwig Christian August Bausch sen. 1855-1860, branded to the stick "L.BAUSCH LIEPZIG". This is a fantastic example (with an original tip plate), rare, only one that we know that is based on exquisite Eury model. L. Bausch was one of the most important and interesting German bow makers. Some great soloists like Joachim and Wilhelmj used bows made by this superb master and have considered L. Bausch as the "German Tourte". This is a superb sounding and handling bow. It is spectacular in appearance with one of a kind, breathtaking choice of pernambuco. The length of the stick is 72.3 cm. This bow is highly recommended for a soloist who specifically appreciates elegance and tonal beauty, or a collector as a very rare, marvelous example.


Certificates: A. Gartsman.

Price: on request.

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