A fine Italian violin by Iginius Sderci, 1948, Florence.

Origin: Florence, Italy.

A very fine Italian violin made by Iginius Sderci, Florence in 1948, as indicated on the maker's label. This wonderful maker studied sculpture in Siena prior spending around 14 years from 1917 in the shop of Leandro Bisiach in Milan. Igino Sderci won gold medal at the prestigious Stradivarius Exhibition at Cremona in 1937. This is pure, beautiful and charming example made from fine choice of materials with great care and superb skills. The instrument is in excellent state of preservation with very fine, balanced and refined tonal characteristics. The length over the back is 35.5 cm.

Measurements: Florence, Italy.

Certificates: A. Gartsman.

Price: on request.

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