A very fine Italian violin by Natale Carletti, ca. 1935.-1940
ca. 1935.

Origin: Pieve de Cento (Bologna)

A fine Italian violin made by Natale Carletti ca. 1935-1940 in Pieve di Cento (Bologna). Born in 1904 Natale was a pupil of his father, Carlo Carletti. This wonderful instrument is made during the most interesting period. The inspired Guarneri model is very beautiful with excellent arching and a superb red varnish on top of golden ground. The instrument is in very fine state of preservation with (all original plenty of wood) unaltered plates and unpolished, wonderful texture varnish. This powerful instrument produce charming, high level, excellent quality sound. The length over the back is 35.9 cm.

Measurements: Pieve de Cento (Bologna)

Certificates: Alex Gartsman.

Price: on request.

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