French violin bow by C.N.Bazin made ca.1890.

A fine French violin bow made by Charles Nicolas Bazin circa 1890.

Son of bowmaker Francois Xavier Bazin, Charles Nicolas Bazin took over the workshop in 1865, after father’s death. Charles Nicolas was  only 18 at that time, but already had an extensive experience. He was responsible for supplying bows to numerous shops in France, including Joseph Hell and Collin-Mezin. C.N. Bazin’s shop employed some finest Mirecourt’s makers and produced a large number of excellent bows. Charles Nicolas retired in 1907 when his son, Charles Louis became the head of the shop. Charles Nicolas continued amking some bows and to be present in the shop until his death in 1915. Charles Nicolas Bazin was a major figure in French school as a fine bowmaker and very important teacher of the over of for decades period of time.

The stick is red-brown pernambuco of superior selection and beautiful random figuration, the frog and button are ebony with nickel mountings. This is a fine sounding and handling bow in excellent state of preservation. The length of the stick is 73.2 cm and the weight of the bow is 59 g.

Additional information

Country of Origin

Berlinh, Germany


C.N. Bazin

Price Range

$10,000 – $20,000


1850 – 1900

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